way to make extraordinary art is rough

Full commentary of this picture

If the way to make extraordinary art is rough and it’s need your willingness to exchange with something and that is ‘your devoted ‘s life’

Will you trade your life for that?

Because every nuance experience either it’s extreme sorrow,euphorias, make you extremely powerful in art or else you will be mediocre,you have got nothing to said in your art because you have no such an extreme exp.

And faithfully from Seth Godin’s linchpin good art change people.I never thought my bipolar is insufficient or defect,

I always thought it is present although it’s come in very ugly package and I embrace those present by sent it to ‘art form’Although it’s recurring sent me to a ward

And‘Mediocrity life led to mediocre art’

If muse need some cost I already pay for that handsomely I guess,by sacrifices,and put myself on the line.

She’s muse and she willing to help you but to do that show her you’re devoted your life.She won’t help you.Unless you are not ready to sacrifice some ‘effort’ to create some ‘effect’ in your life 🙂

Have you ever heard book title ‘Icarus ‘s deceptions’ .

As catchy as it is sound.DAEDALUS (Icarus’s father) said to him‘Don’t fly too close to the sun,or too low’that’s the ways of mediocre,from my opinions.For me Icarus’s deceptions is these thingsBecause in Varekai ‘Cirque du soleil ‘ s show’ indicated that Icarus don’t die by flying close to sun.He fall down to forest and discover forest