Astrovatar and Astraspectrum

This song would probably be feeling of someone who does good things without announcing to the world.He or she has always kept doing this all the time.However,no one has known or admired what are dine.

This is like Michael Collins It is just the first sentence of my song that shows attempt and expect to fly to reach the highest point in the sky. Not only I have sacrified myself,but I also intend to achieve my goal deliberately. That’s all I realize that he has become my adorable role model as he has intentionally attempted to get his ambition or target . Also,let’s take a look at the following sentence.It has illustrated that he looks at the moon from the spaceship traveling far away from the earth 238,900 miles.

It is just that he want to step over or walk on the moon.Similarly,this is true that what we do nowadays is to want to be accepted and admired by other people as well as we would like to get better life and to be successful. In spite of the fact that he is a caption who has his main responsibility to command his crews and he has to stand by in the spacecaft only,he still keeps waiting for having a chance to touch the ground of the moon.Moreover,he has always imaged he can be walking on the moon which is not far from here.Then he looks at the window and see directly there. Not only people recognize Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ,but they must also remember him.

When I listen to this song , I feel extremely strange. It makes me recall myself fighting against my Bipolar disoder Besides , I encourge myself I would be able to survive and accomplish my target without worrying about anything. Day by day,month by month and year after year, I have kept fighting and struggling with it. I am aware of being afraid and facing difficulties.Until then I know that the moon is like my target which is going to be overcome by even exchanging my life. Besides, It makes me think of our love and I used to be told by my senior that I put my lover on pedestal. Even though he is my crucial person,he is not able to stay on the alter whole time.Hence,I consider that he should be like the moon and at the same time I should also be like an astronaut efforting and struggling to approach him. Nonetheless, I cannot reach him,and we do not get together in the end either. This affair becomes our memorable and interesting one because something ought to be kept distance more than it is acquired closely.In fact, I prefer to admire this thing by staying away more than I get close to it.If I know and stay closer it, I will feel that it’s fascination is being decreased gradually. In my opinion , it seems that looking at the surface of the moon so closely can causes us to see it’s rugged terrain more clearly obviously more than we stay so far away. My most favorite section of the song lyric is to explode brightly that seems better than not being in one’s memories at all. Then this becomes my awesome role model since I desire people to recognize what I am truly. Therefore,I am brave to disclose my secret that I get bipolar disorder.I am fearless to accept that I may not be supported by my students and new customers entirely. I strongly believe that at least, there will be many people appreciating and acknowledging my genuine style. As far as I am concerned I would like people to memorize my reality and true story and I am unnecessary to pretend to be a perfect person alive. In conclusion,I guess this song will become the one part of our impressive memories definitely.