freelance journey : The reason why I get the various high-end type of client

today I talk about freelance work.

Sorry my Thai keyboard is out of order some alphabet and I’m very lazy to type with a voice in google docs.

So I chose to type in eng

The reason why I get the various high-end type of client along my freelance journey, that others manga artist here can’t get those jobs.Not because I’m the BEST illustrator over them NOR I am the BEST instructor in Thailand.

But I expose so much detail on the internet or I use SEO, AKA you can find me almost everywhere.I use most social media I can use.

All of them may be.and how those clients find their illustrator?

Mostly googlethey trust google SERP.

The key thing that most illustrators don’t know

but client knowhow to choose the best illustrator for their project.

They trust credibility, a lot of clients can make sure you can do various projects well.

I’m not humblebrag either, so many people really have higher skill

teach better than me actually but if you do only ‘art’ you will die pathetically.

Noone can do leg jobs for you in the very first phase. Even you post your art on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media venues and hope that client will find you. I admit They will, but very slow….sometimes

in order to get jobs you have to expose your profile EVERYWHERE you can. And play the offensive game too.

I go to instruct Silpakorn students in this stuff very soon.

on 17 sep this yearICT(information and communication technology)SILPAKORN university STUDENT I will go to be speaker in the seminar subject.’How to be freelancer’